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Honda Fest event participants are solely responsible for the condition of the vehicle to be driven during this event. It is recommended that the inspection on this vehicle be performed by a qualified individual who is familiar with the make and model of the vehicle. The Pre-Event Safety Report must be presented to the GIG Motorsports personnel at the time of the Pre-Event safety Inspection on the day of the event. The participant will not be allowed to drive the vehicle on the track/courseunless it has completed the pre-event safety inspection held the morning of the event.

Participant Name:​

Vehicle Year, Make, Model:​

Plate No. & State:​Serial No. (VIN):​

The Pre-Event Safety Inspection should include, but should not be limited to, the following items. Additional items should be included as deemed necessary by the inspector to insure the safe condition of the vehicle. Please indicate with an “X” those items listed below that have been deemed acceptable:


1. GENERAL: No excessive body or chassis corrosion. All panels must be securely affixed.

2. BATTERY: Must be securely mounted, and have no fluid leaks or corroded mountings.

3. BRAKES: ABS system (if applicable) must be fully operational. Linings must have sufficient thickness. Hoses and lines must not be cut, abraded, or cracked. Lines must not have excessive corrosion. Rotors and drums must not be worn beyond statutory requirements or manufacturers recommendations. Master Cylinder must not exhibit bleed-down when steady pressure is applied. Brake equalization must be checked via road test. All brake lights must be fully functional. Brake dust shields must be removed.

4. BRAKE FLUID: Must have adequate level and be in good condition. Brakes must be bled during safety inspection. We require that vehicles for events receive semi-annual brake fluid changes. Vehicles with discolored, obviously old brake fluid will not be allowed on the track.


5. DRIVE AND HALF SHAFTS: Universal and CV Joints must not have excessive looseness. CV joints must not leak lubricant. Drive shaft giubo coupling must be in good condition and not exhibit cracks or other deterioration. Drive shaft center support bearing must not have excessive looseness or deterioration of its mounting.

6. DRIVE BELTS: Must be in sound condition and properly tensioned.

7. ENGINE, TRANSMISSION AND DIFFERENTIAL MOUNTS:must be secure and must not exhibit signs of deterioration or permit excessive motion.8. EXHAUST: must be securely mounted, exit in an appropriate location,and be in good condition. 9. FUEL AND COOLANT HOSES: Must be in good condition and not exhibit cracks, swelling, or other deterioration. Vehicles with potentially dangerous hoses will not be allowed on the track.

10. LEAKS: No coolant, brake fluid, or fuel leaks. No excessive oil leaks. Coolant must be level adequate.

11. MIRRORS: Must be securely mounted. Vehicle must have at least inside rear view mirror. Side View mirrors are recommended.

12. PEDALS: Must be securely mounted, exhibit free return, and have securely mounted pads in sound condition. Brake pedal must not exhibit excessive travel.

13. SEATBELTS: Must be securely mounted, in sound condition, and have metal to metal buckles. Equivalent restraint must be provided for driver’s and front passenger’s seats. Belts must not be expired.

14. SEATS: Must be in sound condition and securely mounted with appropriate brackets.

15. STEERING: Must not exhibit looseness, play or binding throughout range of travel. Steering box mounting must be secure. Power assist fluid must be adequate.

16. SUSPENSION: Mounting points must be secure and in sound condition. Vehicle must not have excessive side to height variation. Shock absorbers must provide adequate damping and be securely mounted.

17. THROTTLE LINKAGE: must exhibit free return without binding through entire travel.

18. TIRES: No cracks, blisters, bubbles, excessive wear or cord evident. Front tires must be same size. Rear tires must be same size. Tread depth adequate for wet driving.

19. WHEEL BEARINGS: Must be properly adjusted and not exhibit looseness. No lube leakage onto brake linings.

20. WHEELS: No cracked or bent rims. Lug nuts or bolts must all be present and be properly torqued. We recommend that wheel torque be checked immediately prior to the event and periodically throughout the event.

21. WINDOWS: Must be secure and in sound condition. Any tinting must allow run group numbers to be seen through the rear side windows.

22. WINDSHIELD WIPERS: Must be functional and in sound condition.


I hereby certify that the above vehicle has been carefully examined by a qualified individual and that all the forgoing items have been checked.


Date of Inspection:​



I, being a participant in the GIG Motorsports, LTD event, do hereby agree and acknowledge as follows:


1. That the safe condition and operation of this vehicle are entirely my responsibility and that GIG Motorsports, LTD. and/or its members cannot be held liable or responsible for any vehicle problems, malfunctions, or damage which may occur in connection with the operation of this vehicle prior, during, or subsequent to the event.

2. That the trackside vehicle spot check which may have been performed on the above vehicle cannot verify that the vehicle has been properly prepared and inspected for this event.

3. That in performing this spot check, no representation or warranties, express or implied, are made by GIG Motorsports, LTD, and/or it’s Instructorsregarding any vehicle’s roadworthiness for street driving or for the event.

4. That at all times I remain solely responsible for the safe condition and roadworthiness of the above vehicle, and I am not relying on the trackside spot-check in deciding whether or not to drive the vehicle.

5. If vehicle exhibits mechanical concerns while on the course, an additional trackside spot check may be required in order to re-admit vehicle onto the course. This is at the discretion of GIG Motorsports personnel and is not a guarantee of re-admittance onto the course.

Participant(s) Signature(s):​


Before the Trackside Spot Check:




Pregistration payment of $48 can be made to Paypal all fees included, this is a limited

space event on a first come first base so please send your payments in ASAP if you would like to reserve your spot .  




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