Rules and Regulations for Exhibiting


All booth arrangements shall confirm in all respects to the dimensions and height requirements as specified by producer. Booth height shall not exceed 10’ from the floor without prior written permission from show management; booth size cannot exceed the space contracted. Exhibits shall be arranged so as not to obstruct the general view or access to surrounding displays, aisles, or public space within the exhibit facilities.The management reserves the right to determine all materials sold. Exhibitors must honor all track concession rights, the track management has the final say and the show management and exhibitor must accept their decision. 


Your rental space is for the space only. You will be responsible for electric, tables, chairs, tents, stanchions, or any other equipment you might require for your booth. 


Booth Packages


( A ) 10x10 Booth $300 - Includes 4 Passes and 2 Car Spots

( B ) 10x10 Indoor Garage Bay $300 - Includes 4 Passes and 1 Car Spot

( C ) 10x40 Booth $400 - Includes 6 Passes and 2 Car Spots 


Sponsor Package


( D ) 10x40 Booth $1000 - Includes 8 Passes , 4 Car Spots , Flyer postion and Banner Displays inside venue ( Sponsor must provide Banners ) 



All booths must be at the show venues during the scheduled move-in times, it is the responsibility of the vendor to verify the time for set up. Space will not be held past scheduled move-in times unless prior arrangements are made with show management.

Break Down:

Break down will begin after trophy presentation has been completed . No one will be allowed to tear down or leave until that time unless permission is obtained from the producer. 


Any cancellation must be given two weeks prior to the day of the show or we will not honor a refund.